As simple as it was to use RushEssay, I would above all receive a good essay, not a rushed one. I’ve read the poorly-written paper, and now I am depressed. Sure, the delivery speed is a meaningful yardstick of quality, but so is the depth of writing, which was notably missing. Therefore, I cannot recommend the service to you.


RushEssays is the word uttered in hushed voices in college residence halls. It is also something that is discussed ad nauseam on Yahoo Answers. The hotly debated topic on Reddit Is Rush Essay legit? There is even a Rush Essays Huffington Post article. Clearly, stirs the hearts and minds of many students. Otherwise, you wouldn’t find reviews on Rush Essay writing service just about anywhere on the Web. What is the service all about? As the name implies, the company gives students a chance to buy the rush essay, which is not something that BBB or the US Department of Education approves of. Questionable legality notwithstanding, the writing agency keeps operating. Is it any good? Read this RushEssay review to find out. Prices and Discount Codes

“Should I pay for a rush essay?” is a question that often comes in conjunction with another one “How much does Rush Essay charge per page?” For those born without a silver spoon in their mouth, the answer to the latter question obviates the former one. The cost per page is too steep. In fact, the company’s prices are so high that an attempt to soften their sting with a Rush Essay discount code seems downright ridiculous. Specifically, when asked to pay $50.95 for a page of urgent writing, a promo code or a coupon is of little help.

What else is hidden behind the fig leaf of discounts?

What I found there was the sobering realization that both urgent and no-rush essays come with a hefty price tag. Don’t believe me? Direct your attention to the picture below.

RushEssay price

RushEssay discount

As you can see, students are forced to give up piles of money for the privilege of having their essay written. The “cheapest” is the school-level writing with a 10-days deadline – $22.95 per page. The prices climb steeply as deadlines shorten. If written in 3 days at the premium level, an essay would cost $34.95 per page. The same essay written on short notice – 3 hours – would cost $54.95.

Let me unpack it for you.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of an American journalist is $19.67 per hour. In what world is it okay for a writer to charge almost three times as much as professional journalists do for basically the same job?

To sum up, what RushEssay is asking for academic help is nothing short of highway robbery.

Rush Essay Writing Reviews

I had tried to find writer samples view Rush Essay but to no avail. Therefore, I decided to order an essay to evaluate the quality of writing. To get some help with assignment from RushEssay writers, I had to create a login and submit a ton of personal information. To ensure that my essay had no plagiarism, I requested a US writer. Then, I paid $119.80 for the rush essays with my Visa card. How long for payment to process rush essay? It took approximately an hour.

My essay was delivered in three days without delay.

It was jaw-dropping. And not in a good sense. order

The writer opened the essay titled Sexism in Superhero Motion Pictures with a harangue about representation in the entertainment industry. They piled together gender, race, ethnicity, ability, and age in order to emphasize the fact that the motion pictures are not sufficiently diverse. The subject of sexism was hardly broached.

To my surprise, the writer attempted to pivot back to the main topic of the essay in the second paragraph. The importance of seeing one’s identity on screen was thoroughly explicated. Once again, sexism was left out of the discussion.

Fortunately, the next paragraph was spot on. It was argued that women are sexually objectified by movie directors who make them wear skin-tight body suits. In the following paragraphs, the writer expanded on the topic of sexual objectification as a pernicious manifestation of sexism in superhero movies. Alas, they failed to add anything else to the discussion.

The essay’s author did not make a single point about the quantity of female representation in the entertainment industry even though it is obvious that the unsettling majority of superheroes are males. Furthermore, worn-out tropes assigned to female protagonists of superhero movies were prominently missing from the discussion.

In addition to focusing on a single manifestation of sexism, the writer failed to offer anything of substance. The essay was as much clichéd as it was shallow. Not a single example was put forth in support of the writer’s claims, which strains credulity given the amount of time they had for research – three days.

The meandering discussion, shallow research, and clichéd prose made for an awful reading experience. For these reasons, the essay is rated at 2 out of 5.

Customer Support

It is good when a customer support rep’s voice burst’s with cheerfulness. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case with Rush Essay. The rep answered my questions monotonously; her boredom was almost palpable. Needless to say, I did not feel welcomed.

The company has to up its customer support game if it is ever to be taken seriously.

Is RushEssay a Scam? Does it Issue Any Guarantees?

Even though RushEssay testimonials on the website are suspiciously unanimous in lauding the company, reports on Rush Essays found on the Web paint a completely different story. Independent reviews suggest that former users have awakened to the company’s failure to provide high-quality services. The agency’s evanescent popularity engenders important questions such as “Is Rush Essay trustworthy?” And the answer is a resounding “No.” I wouldn’t trust Rush Essay with another assignment because of the way it bungled my essay. Would you?

Is Rush Essay Any Good? Final Verdict

After reading the review, you are probably wondering, “Is there a web site better than Rush Essay com?” The truth is you would be hard pressed to find a website that is worse than RushEssay. At the time of its establishment in 1997, the writing agency was at the height of cool. That has changed. Is it still used by some students? Certainly. Does it have some potential? Maybe. But is it cool and reliable? Not at all.

Rush Essay’s writing quality is outrageously low; prices, on the other hand, are sky high. If the company doesn’t work hard to improve its offerings, soon enough, it will disappear from the market.

The final rating of is 3/5.

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