MyAdmissionEssay takes a customer from argh to WOW. The utmost attention to detail makes both writing and customer support great. I also love that the company does not charge too much for its help and lets its customers pay later. MyAdmissionEssay is highly recommended.


Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying about college admission? You’d be surprised how much students are willing to pay for peace of mind during the hectic season. Smart high school seniors flock to the Web with the following search query: “Who can write myadmission essay?” Inevitably, they find MyAdmissionEssay website (apparently, Captain Obvious moonlights at Google these days). If there was a way to assess if legit and reliable, the discovery would be cause for celebration. Alas, there’s no means of testing the service other than giving it a try. And that is exactly what I did. If you’ve been searching for genuine reviews on, look no further. This article is not a boring regurgitation of MyAdmissionEssay Reddit posts. Rather, it is an honest-to-goodness description of a real purchasing experience. I wrote My Admission Essay review after buying an eponymous product from the company.

For the sake of full disclosure: I’m not a college-bound high school student, and I certainly need no admission essay. I earned a philosophy degree two years ago. Now, I’m helping GlobaLearn to review writing companies making sure to discover any possible scam accusations or, on the other hand, tons of positive myadmissionsessay feedback.

Here’s what I did to assess the quality of

  1. Compared the prices against the market average;
  2. Called the company;
  3. Ordered an essay;
  4. Run a plagiarism check;
  5. Checked style, flow, and grammar.

Almost forgot: I’ve presented the results of the quality assessment in a bite-sized format. Enjoy!


My Admission Essay Discount Codes

Good news for you, bargain hunters out there: My Admissions Essay has promo codes for the first-time buyers. New customers can also get a 11% off any purchase by using MyAdmissionsEssay coupon codeBESTGRADE. To apply one, I had to sign in to their admin panel using my newly-created login.

A Myadmissionsessay discount is a welcome relief since high schoolers usually apply to several colleges. Fact: on average, college hopefuls apply to 7 institutions. Given that it is not a wise strategy to submit the same application paper multiple times, students buy many essays. Therefore, prices matter (like, a lot!).

The amount charged by writing companies for an admission essay differs widely. There are profit-seekers who ask as much as $70 for a single essay page, whereas the average market rate for this type of writing is $45. That’s where MyAdmissionsEssay shines.

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MyAdmissionEssay Prices Review

If you’ve started preparing for the admissions season early (most people do), the company will charge only $34/page. Those who want to get professional help a bit later will pay $41/ page, which is also a lower rate than the market average. The real latecomers (the eleventh-hour kind) will spend a lot on professional writing. An essay written in 24 hours will cost $71/page. While the price is lower than the market average for urgent writing ($85), it is still pretty steep. Therefore, you better start thinking about college admission at the beginning of your high school senior year (like I did).

myadmissionsessay prices

MyAdmissionsEssay prices are low. I can see why the company’s offerings are embraced with open arms by college-bound high schoolers.

MyAdmissionEssay Writing Quality Of My Order

If you weren’t asleep two days ago around noon, you must have heard an ear-shattering THUD followed by the escalating lub-dub-lub-DUB-LUB-DUB…What was it? Nothing much: I read my college admissions essay. I was finishing the first paragraph when my jaw fell to the floor, and my heart began racing. I’m not even sure how to start describing my excitement about the cheap essay for high school students with academic motivations the company wrote for me. So, let’s start at the beginning. I sent the agency the following request: “Can I pay someone to do my admission essay for me?” A Customer Support manager responded in a minute and explained that they could write my admission essay and even help me in college or university. To test the company’s promise of urgent service, I said that I need help with my college admission essay in 3 hours. The manager didn’t think for long: “Place an order please, and we will start working on it right away.” I inquired about plagiarism, but she reassured me that my MBA admissions essay would be checked for uniqueness for free (It was a great thing since I wasn’t prepared to spend a lot of money for this Myadmissionsessay review).

Now, let’s discuss the essay itself. Two words: it worked.

The essay worked for me and, I’m absolutely certain, it would work for an admissions committee. Mind that those bluenoses are not the easiest bunch to impress.myadmissionessay order

(Screenshot was updated in 2020)

The author took an unconventional approach to telling their my story. Instead of simply recounting my strengths as a candidate, they solidified them in the context. The author also managed to be specific without actually knowing me. That was a feat worth admiring. Either they practice tasseology or have extensive experience producing admission essays.

Another thing that stood out was style. Sentences were smooth: I jumped on the first one and rode to the last one with ease. Surfing linguistic waves was a real pleasure.

Grammar and spelling were also beyond reproach. Granted, the essay was only two pages long, but hey, it was more than 500 words – many things could go wrong.

To sum up, the essay was capital-G Great. If I used it to get into a selective college, my chances of successful admission would put many talented candidates to shame.

I bought an excellent essay for cheap. It was as if MyAdmissions Essay was an impeccable company. Unfortunately, there was a but. Read about the three-letter word and its implications for you as a customer of MyAdmissionsEssay in the next section of the article.

My Admission Essays Customer Support is Good, BUT…

Of course, you’ve heard about helicopter parenting. Get this: MyAdmissionsEssay will introduce you to the concept of helicopter customer support.

I was smothered by the relentless care of the MyAdmissionsEssay Customer Support manager. In the span of three short hours, I got four messages from her. Seriously.

I was informed that:

  • My order was successfully placed;
  • A writer was assigned to the order;
  • The writer finished their work on the order;
  • The essay passed Quality Verification procedure.

As if the messages weren’t redundant enough, the support rep called me to say that the essay was ready for download. Sheesh!

The Customer Support manager was sweet and helpful, but, come on, how many messages does a customer need?! Hey, MyAdmissionsEssay folks, while you are at it, start informing clients about each move your writers make. E.g., the writer created a Word document and wrote the first sentence and scratched their nose, etc.

Is MyAdmissionEssay Reliable, Safe and Legit?

Yes, it is. However, make sure that you are dealing with the official website and not a myadmissionsessay fraud replica. The URL you are looking for is Do not get tricked by web pages with similar name and domain suffixes such as .net, .org, or .cn among others. Those are mirror websites created to distribute malware or profit from the popularity of My Admissions Essay service.

MyAdmissionEssay Rating

Rule of thumb: follow a trail of satisfied customers to find a decent company. The company’s cohort of happy customers has recently acquired a new member – me. The essay was great, the price was sweet, the customer support … well, the redundant correspondence was a tiny bit bothersome, but otherwise, it was fine.

So… You’ve been waiting for it…

It’s time to pound a gavel and declare the final verdict: My Admission Essay is one hell of a writing agency! It will serve you well. There is every reason in the world to rate it highly – 4.9/5.





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