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Low prices, bargains, and special offers make EvolutionWriters probably the most affordable service on the market. The company’s writer crafted me a brilliant research paper on a dense topic, which was completely free from plagiarism. I truly tried to find grounds for criticism, but there were none. The company is beyond reproach. I recommend it to everyone.

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EvolutionWriters Service Overview

You are not a real student if you haven’t used or at least heard of writing services. OK, maybe you are a real student who lives under the only rock Ozzy Osbourne hasn’t smoked. Because all high school, university, college students and others know about services like EvolutionWriters. “Yeah, yeah” – you respond – “don’t be a smartass. I’ve read something about it on Reddit. Or maybe it was TrustPilot? Doesn’t matter. The point is, can I trust Evolution Writers US or Evolution Writers UK?” The short answer is “Yes” (and honest Yahoo Answers users agree). For a more detailed response, refer to the following evolution writer review. I paid them $19.94 to write me a research paper, and here’s what I have to say.

EvolutionWriters.com Coupon Discount and Prices Review

The easy availability of promo codes is not a common benchmark of service quality. Well, it should be. I don’t know about you, but I’m a bargain hunter. And very often it is easier to hunt a saber-toothed tiger with a slingshot than to find a discounted code for a paper. Luckily, it wasn’t the case with EvolutionWriters. In only two seconds, I located a sweet 10% discount for any purchase. Thank you, Sergey Brin and Larry Page! If it were not for you and your nifty little thing called Google, I would have to use an app, come up with a login, sign in or even bother admin Evolution Writers. And god knows, I don’t like fuss. Pss… I’ll give you a hint – Enter EVOLVE discount code and order an essay.


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Furthermore, if your deadline is not pressing, you can snatch a paper for cheap. The bottom line is the company’s prices are quite reasonable.

Also, the service has a loyalty program: with each order, you earn bonuses, which you may use to pay for future papers. Plus, having spent a total of $1500, you automatically become a VIP client. It means that your orders will have a higher priority in customer service’s eyes, and you will have a personal VIP manager to discuss any issues with.

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EvolutionWriters Paper Writing Quality and Services

As I learned from firsthand experience with many writing companies, timely delivery accounts for 90% of customer satisfaction. Even a perfectly-written paper is good for nothing if it is delivered after the submission deadline. For this reason, I am always willing to pay more to ensure that I have a paper in my hands by the due date. With EvolutionWriters, I didn’t have to. I ordered an undergraduate paper and paid for it only $19.94. My research piece arrived on time.


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A writer has been asked to discuss the application of social constructivism theories in education. In the opening paragraph, the writer has argued that one mustn’t equate social constructivism with cognitive constructivism. To elucidate their point, the company’s writer provided clear definitions of the two modes of cognition. After introducing the readers to the key flavors of constructivism, they proceeded to explain the genesis of knowledge using learners’ experiences as the foci of their discussion. The evolution essay writers’ key argument was that teachers should function as facilitators of educational experiences rather than passive communicators of knowledge.


Below you can read testimonials from real customers:


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The paper extensively demonstrated the differences between the two main strands of the constructivism and painted a clear picture of the constructivist-learning environment. The writer emphasized that educators should be cognizant of intersubjectivity and its underlying cultural and historical factors when engaging their students in the social process of learning. This argument alone is worth several additional points.

EvolutionWriters Prices Range

Now, let’s talk about something else I dislike – mingy prices. Don’t you hate when someone’s greed and opportunism empty your wallet? The market is brimming with capitalist sharks asking $30, $40 or even $50 for a page of writing (insert several obscene polysyllables here). Therefore, my heart swelled to bursting when I checked EvolutionWriters’ prices. Some kind of evolution is indeed afoot there because the company charges only $9.97 per page of undergraduate writing. WOW. Just WOW.
Maybe someone has forced EvolutionWriter company managers to read Marx. It may also be the case that evolution writers win lotteries on a daily basis and don’t care about money.


Or maybe they are simply decent people because their prices are incredibly low. Where else can you find bachelor papers for $16 a page? Who else is kind enough to write a mind-boggling master’s dissertation for only $19? As Jesus used to say, “By their prices shall ye know them” (or smth like that).
To sum up, prices at Evolutionwriters.com are something to enjoy. When you don’t have to pay a lot for a paper, you feel less apprehensive about placing an order, which was exactly what I did. It cost me only $19.94. Sweet!


EvolutionWriters Customer Support

Customer support is what makes or breaks a writing company. A case in point is Evolution writers. com. The company hit the customer satisfaction bulls-eye with its approach to support management. Evolution Writers contract number is placed in a prominent location – at the top right corner of the main page. I had no problem finding it. When I called them, a rep picked a phone within only three rings. She knew the service inside and out.

Most importantly, the rep was capable of clearly articulating her knowledge, which is a rarity these days. However, her responses to my questions felt somewhat rushed. And the most likely reason for it was other pending calls. This fact notwithstanding, I didn’t like the haste. Don’t get me wrong: the company’s customer support is excellent. However, I strongly believe evolutionwriters.com can do better.



If you’ve read this article in its entirety, you already know that evolutionwriters.com is a real site one can use and feel safe. However, for those who skipped other sections of the article and want to know “Should I trust EvolutionWriters?” the answer is “Yes.” After dealing with companies whose primary interest is the concoction of scam schemes to sell fake papers, it is so refreshing to find a reliable and legal writing agency. Are there are any good reasons to avoid Evolution Writers? It seems there are none. The company has several guarantees: high quality, 100% plagiarism free, satisfaction, and money-back guarantee. Although I didn’t check the latter, EvolutionWriters certainly makes good on its promise of the former three guarantees.

Then it dawned on me: “The paper must be plagiarized.” To confirm my hypothesis of foul play, I uploaded the paper to a commercial plagiarism checker – Copyscape. Two seconds and the software provided me with its legitimate and authoritative verdict: copyscape unique text. The paper from EvolutionWriters.com was 100% unique.

EvolutionWriters: Final Verdict

I dealt with Evolutionwriters.com and realized that businesses mustn’t necessarily be built around money. If a service is great, customers will love it and help move its commercial gears. That’s exactly the case with EvolutionWriters. Clearly, the company is motivated by building great relationships with customers rather than accumulating massive profits. Thus, it is only fair to rate Evolutionary Writers highly – 4.9 out of 5.


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EvolutionWriters Pros and Cons

  • Freebies
  • Confidentiality
  • Great writing
  • Few samples
  • The range of services could be broader

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