Judging by the quality of the delivered service, it’s clear that something unholy is brewing in the Essay Lab. Even though the company purportedly tries “to impress you,” I was disappointed by the paper riddled with atrocious mistakes. The prices and lack of payment options also let me down. There are much better providers of writing services:


Students cannot get respite nowadays. They are expected to toil under tight deadlines for most of their days. Those who attempt to do all essay writing on their own, inevitably find themselves on the verge of mental collapse. Their more cautious counterparts unload excessive academic burden onto EssayLab com and other similar companies. Obviously, when commissioning writing services, students expect to get their money’s worth; unfortunately, many unscrupulous companies leave them dissatisfied and dispirited. If you consider using Essay Lab Org and want to avoid being swindled, read this review. Here, you will find an honest account of my experience with the company. Having used services of several dozen writing agencies, let me assure you that there are more than a few bad apples. Therefore, you are well advised to read this article in its entirety. Let’s start, shall we?

Essay Lab Promo Code and Prices

First things first and no fooling around, how much is essay lab service? Well, EssayLab org prices its services (cue drumroll)… soul-crushingly and wallet-murderously high. With enough luck, you’ll get a page of writing at a freshman college level for $30. That’s unheard of! However, it’s a pittance compared to what one has to pay for more advanced writing. Say, you pursue a Ph.D. degree and want professional assistance with your 100-pages long thesis. Guess how much it would cost you? Are you ready? Are you sure you are ready? OK, you’ve asked for it: Essaylab would expect you to fork out a whopping $3,385! This amount of money would be enough to fund an all-out revolution in a small Latin American country. Granted, academic writing at a Ph.D. level isn’t supposed to be cheap, but how talented (or brazenly greedy) a writer must be to charge so much? Put simply, Essay Lab is an extremely expensive service. Without snatching an online coupon or a discount, you will hardly afford anything there.

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The most interesting thing about the pricing strategy is that the company positions it as “reasonable.” On its website, claims that its prices “are not excessively high and are not excessively low.” If $44.20 for a page of PhD-level writing with a 3 to 23 hours’ deadline is not excessively high, then I don’t know what is. To put Essaylab’s prices in perspective, other companies charge around $35 for this kind of work.

Due to the ridiculously costly prices and an equally ridiculous attempt to pass them off as “reasonable,” the company scores only 2.3.

EssayLab Essays Writing Quality

So, what is brewing in the conical flask? College Essay Lab website doesn’t feature any examples of papers produced by its writers. To test Essaylab’s writing quality and the application of its plagiarism detection tech, I ordered a research paper on the mate switching hypothesis. The company charged me $104.51 for the three-pages long paper, which amounted to $33.17 per page.

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To sweeten the harsh deal, Essay Lab threw in a title and reference page for free. My scientific paper arrived as scheduled without any delays. I ran a quick plagiarism check and found none. Then, I opened the paper and started reading how biology extended our understanding of the psychological mechanisms playing an integral role in the termination of a romantic union.

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In the opening paragraph, the research paper’s author stressed the importance of the subject by pointing to the psychological dysphoria following the act of dissolving a romance. They argued that a person on the receiving end of the rejection experiences severe mental suffering, which is prompted by the innate costs of mate switching (loneliness, loss of social support, withdrawal of financial support, decreased value as a mate, etc.). The following paragraphs showed that the writer did a great job exploring the mate switching hypothesis as an evolutionary adaptation for women. However, they failed to mention that the mate-switching mechanisms benefiting females do not necessarily render evolutionary advantages on males. Specifically, they omitted the fact that under similar circumstances a female’s partner may encumber her with more costs and fewer benefits, thereby prompting the mate switching.

The writer also detailed behaviors preceding the triggering of the mate ejection module: monitoring a partner’s mate value, monitoring own mate value, and monitoring the value of potential alternative mates. These capture important antecedents of the mate switching adaptation but do not exhaust them. The writer did not mention other key behaviors such as the cultivation of backup mates, emotional disengagement, and instigation of sexual and emotional affairs. The failure to include all precursors of mate jettisoning is a considerable drawback, which will inevitably result in point deduction.

For the fairness’ sake, it must be noted that the writer properly acknowledged sources used in developing the paper, thus allowing the reader to understand their original contribution to the topic. In addition to the acknowledgment of scholarly studies, the writer was diligent in compiling a reference list. Each entry was formatted in accordance with the 6th edition of APA citation style guidelines.

All in all, the paper was under-researched and poorly executed. It was riddled with run-on sentences and comma splices. The paper’s single redeeming quality was a reference page, which was literally faultless. Given the numerous drawbacks of the research paper, its final score is only 3.5.

EssayLab Customer Support Quality

essaylab chatTo check the quality of customer support offered to students using Essay Lab services, I decided to call the company. It must be mentioned that prior to my call, the company attempted to communicate with me. When I was finishing a lengthy ordering form, a chat window popped up in my browser. However, being unwilling to chat with a friendly named rep – Jamie Support Wizard – I proceeded with a call.

A customer support rep Lisa picked up my call promptly and thanked me for placing an order. I inquired about additional payment options and was surprised to find out they didn’t have any except PayPal.

A sure way to sniff out a cheap company that scrimps on the quality of its customer support is to talk with it its customer service agents. A short conversation with Lisa immediately revealed that Lisa had a thick foreign accent. The accent notwithstanding, the rep had a great command of English, which is why I had no problem understanding her. Lisa was also courteous and helpful; therefore, I had a great time talking to her.

Although the company’s willingness to preemptively reach its clients via the online chat is commendable, its lack of payment options and scrimping on native customer support agents detract from the final rate of customer support quality – 4.0.

Is EssayLab Legit? Service Guarantees

Having used the company’s service, I can confirm that it runs a legitimate operation. Thus, online commentators suggesting otherwise and claiming that Essay Lab fake business activity are not to be trusted.

EssayLab issues a money-back and 100% uniqueness guarantees. However, make note that according to the refund policy, money can only be returned to customers on the company’s own discretion.

Final Verdict

After conducting a thorough investigation of EssayLab’s offerings, it can be concluded that papers they deliver fall short of living up to advertised promises. “Give us a chance to impress you, and we will not let you down” reads the company’s website. Frankly, I felt let down. After paying a king’s ransom for marginally competent research and poorly written paper, I cannot score the company’s services highly. Its final rating is only 3.5. Thus, any customer would be better off ordering their college assignments elsewhere. Review

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