The company brands itself as the bright, shiny beacon of service quality, even though it cannot be farther from the truth. My paper was delivered with a 20 minute’s delay, which can be extremely damaging in urgent academic situations. Also, had the company have a scintilla of integrity, it would have admitted that it hires ESL writers. Alas, the company should be avoided by quality-driven customers.


College life is hard as it is: early mornings, adult responsibilities, the chronic dearth of money, and homesickness. Throw on top a full class load, and you are in for a hellish nightmare. First-year students who have been tricked into believing that academic settings are all fun and games are quickly disillusioned by the harsh reality never depicted in jovial college movies. The luckiest of them discover companies selling essays for students. The writing companies offer professional academic help to students who cannot adjust to the new learning environment. If you are anything like the majority of students out there, writing doesn’t come naturally to you. For this reason, you are, probably, consider using professional academic assistance. But how to find the best company? One way to go about this task is to read online reviews. You can also purchase a paper from a writing agency and check its quality for yourself. However, in this case, you risk losing your money and wasting valuable time.

To spare you unnecessary trouble, I had ordered a case study paper at Essay4Students and wrote a detailed report about my experience with the company. Read it to understand all the pros and cons of the service provider.

Essay4Students Prices and Discounts

To kick things off, let’s discuss the company’s prices, promo codes, and coupons.

Writing agencies do not take pricing decisions lightly. Why? Because such decisions impact virtually every aspect of their business: from the type of marketing they use to the type of customers they attract. In the case of Essay4Students, it is clear that the company hasn’t pulled its prices out of thin air without calculating them properly. The question of what to charge for its services has been taken seriously by the company. The result is the optimum pricing point for each service category.

A page of professional writing at high-school level costs $10. Of course, there are companies that are willing to write a similar page for only $9, but there are also agencies that will charge you whopping $14 for the same work. When you put Essay 4 students’ prices in perspective, it becomes obvious how reasonable they are.

The cost per page of college-level writing starts at $14. University and master’s level writing is way more expensive – $16 and $22, respectively. Ph.D.-level writing is even pricier – $29 per page.

prices level

Weirdly enough, the company doesn’t have a price calculator on its website. It means that in order to find out the precise price of a paper, one has to fill out an ordering form, which is not horribly convenient. Another point of contention with the company is the dearth of coupons and discount codes. After scouring the Web for a while, I wasn’t able to locate any. Granted, Essay4Students’ prices are low as they are, but who doesn’t love a good bargain?

essay 4 students order

The above-mentioned drawbacks aside, the company’s pricing strategy could greatly benefit students pinched for cash. For this reason, it is scored at 4.0.

Essay4Students Writing Quality and Services

To confirm (or disprove) the company’s promises of superior service, zero plagiarism, and professional writers, I went ahead and ordered a case study paper there. How to use Essay4students’ ordering form? Actually, it was surprisingly easy. I quickly completed a simple order form by entering the type of my paper, topic, number of pages, deadline and other relevant details. Then, I proceed with payment using my PayPal account. Those who want to pay for their essay with a credit card are free to do so; however, I didn’t check this option, which is why I can’t vouch for its reliability or security.

The assigned writer was provided with a fictitious company’s data and the following case study instructions:

Conduct an economic analysis to assess the economic feasibility of a business venture detailed in the case study. Calculate the capital cost, payback period, NPV and ROI. Make sure to consider labor, overhead, maintenance, training and any other expenditures relevant to the overall analysis. Identify relevant issues and provide recommendations for future actions.

My paper arrived with a 20 minutes’ delay. Even though the delay wasn’t critical per se, the company broke its promise of delivering papers on time. Had I been cornered by a submission deadline, I would be in deep trouble.

essay4students price

Upon checking the case study for plagiarism and finding none, I gave it a careful perusal. In the opening paragraph, the writer stressed the importance of economic analysis as an instrument for establishing the upper bound to the amount of profits/losses that are to be gained/incurred from the venture at hand. They also listed cost and revenues data that will be considered during the calculation of the planned expansion’s feasibility. Although the introduction was reasonably illustrative, it was rather terse. Moreover, an unambiguous thesis was missing from it.

The rest of the paper was impeccable in every way. The writer provided a context for their analysis by discussing the competitive environment in which the scrutinized company operated. They also gave clear definitions of compound interest, payback period, return on investment, and other elements of the analysis. The writer detailed key steps in each equation they used and presented the final results in a tabular form. Interestingly enough, the paper’s author made a net cash flow diagram for the first two years of the planned expansion project. Despite the fact that the initial cost during the first month of operation wasn’t considered, the inclusion of the diagram helped to illustrate the company’s profits and expenses over the long period.

The paper had some flaws. However, since the writer had gone above and beyond the requested instructions by drawing the diagram, the paper’s minor deficiencies seemed less prominent. Given the writer’s zeal for their work, the case study is rated at 3.7.

Essay4Students Customer Support

It doesn’t seem that a company strives that much to become customer-centric. What I mean is they try, but the holy grail of customer satisfaction simply eludes them. To be more specific, the company failed miserably in terms of accessibility: out of three communication channels, only one was available. After trying for some time to reach a customer support rep via a live chat and email, I had to call them using the phone number displayed at the top of the page. The support agent didn’t seem that knowledgeable – they hesitated for an eternity and a half before answering simple questions.

I am not sure how Essay 4 Students manages to solve anyone’s problems with its lackadaisical attitude toward customer support. The sorry state of the company’s customer service is rated at 2/5.

Do Guarantees Make Essay4Students Safe?

No, money back guarantee doesn’t make a company legit and trustworthy; its adherence to promises does. How can one trust Essay 4 Students to follow its refund policy, if the agency can’t keep its promise of timely delivery? I used the company’s services and saw for myself that it is not a scam. But is it completely safe? This question is yet to be answered.

Final Verdict on Essay4Students

Essay4students’ prices aren’t the lowest on the market, but they are seductively close. The case study delivered by the agency is definitely among the top five academic papers I read during my experience with writing agencies. I had no doubts that it was written by a veritable professional. Unfortunately, the company’s attractiveness fades when it comes to its ability to solve customer issues. The lackadaisical attitude toward customer service provision does not make Essay 4 Students brand more popular among college goers. Its range of services is also rather bleak. Considering all of the above, Essay4students’ final rating is 3.3. Review

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