The company is categorically great. Aside from the somewhat dated appearance of the website, there is nothing to criticize. I received a paper of stellar quality and paid for it a negligibly low price. Also, the customer support reps were of great help when I wanted to change my initial order instructions. If you are not doing it already, go ahead and try the company’s services.


Dissertation writing reviews help students favor one company over another. Therefore, if you plan to order a dissertation from professional service, just like I did three months ago, you need one to make the right choice. When I was looking for an academic help company, there were no useful paper writing reviews. Therefore, I had no means of checking whether the service was fake or not. I trusted my instincts and did not regret the decision. In this review for, I would like to share my customer experience with everyone who needs academic help.

DissertationWritings Discounts and Prices Review – They are Just Right

DissertationWritings discountsFull disclosure: I like the company. It is precisely for this reason that it pains me to look at prices.

The prices themselves are not an issue – they are indeed low. For the undergraduate level, the prices start from $10/page; the Ph.D level writing costs from $33/page. These are more than reasonable prices for professional writing.
Discounts and promo codes are more than generous – 5% and 10% (I applied one later from my user admin with account login and password). However, judging by the page’s looks, it has been around for quite some time. A bit dated appearance made it difficult to search for a discount code, coupon or what have you.I went further and searched for any additional offers on the web. Almost instantly, I discovered a 11% promo code – GETPHD however, you can use it for the first order only.

The page is a festival of bullet points and tables. I was overwhelmed by the swathes of information. Clearly, the company has a lot to offer to its clients. However, it does a poor job of underscoring the main point, which drowns in the ocean of letters. And the point is ridiculously easy to make: DissertationWritings prices are surprisingly affordable.

DissertationWritings Prices

Dissertation Writing Service and Writers Assessment

Is cheating? I can see why one might think so, but I didn’t feel like it. Certainly, using someone’s help for essay or paper writing is a form of cheating. And it is especially so when you order writing from the first to the last page. It wasn’t the case with me. I asked writers to help me with only two sections of my dissertation: Methods and Discussion. I also used the expertise of the dissertationwritings writers to learn. Since I wasn’t careful with source attribution in the Literature review section, it contained mild instances of plagiarism. The professional dissertation writers edited the chapter, thereby showing me how it should have been written and referenced in the first place. Upon delivery, they notified me that I was eligible for a free revision. Therefore, I felt that using a good service to get writing help and learn in the process wasn’t cheating per se.

Now, let’s discuss the quality of writing.

I read the Methods and Discussion chapters, and it was immediately clear that the company’s writer followed my writing style, which they gleaned from the previous sections of the dissertation. It was helpful because I didn’t want my professor to notice any discrepancies.

The writer followed my writing instructions to discuss the methods deployed in the study. To her credit, she mentioned that permission to gain access to nurses working in a local hospital was granted by its chief executives. She detailed how questionnaires were distributed among the participants and how confidentiality and anonymity were assured. Then, the writer proceeded to describe the means used to secure the return of filled out questionnaires.

The Methods section was clearly and accessibly written. The expert from Dissertation Writings surpassed all of my expectations by cataloging and briefly describing measures used in the study: Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI), Maslach Human Services Demographic Data Sheet, General Health Questionnaire, and Psychnurse Methods of Coping Questionnaire. Without her help, I would fail to characterize the research instruments, thereby undermining their validity.

In the Discussion section of my dissertation, the writer discussed at length the pernicious influence of burnout on the nurses of the hospital. Based on the findings of the study and their interpretation in the Analysis section, she postulated that approximately 40% of the hospital’s workforce might be experiencing emotional exhaustion and overextension. The extrapolation was consistent with the mean emotional exhaustion scores measured in previous studies, which she cited profusely.

I was thrilled to discover that in the discussion of the study’s implication, the writer mentioned supervisors and how their interpersonal skills and management approaches might have contributed to the issue of burnout. Another point worth mentioning is that she pointed to the questionnaires’ robustness the evidence of which was the correlation of their findings.

Bottom line: it was a lot to ask of the company’s writer to finish two dissertation sections in only one week, and yet she knocked it out of the park. I tip my proverbial hat.

Dissertation Writings Has Excellent Customer Support

In the sprint to deliver writing service to its customers, the company did not forget about an essential component of their satisfaction. I am referring to customer support, the quality of which is admirable. A toll-free phone line can be used as the DissertationWritings confidential system to counteract customers’ bad experiences by issuing a refund. I used it to modify my initial instructions. Thanks to the professionalism of the company’s Customer Support representatives, the matter was resolved promptly to my immense satisfaction. support

Is Legit and Trustworthy? By All Means!

Before placing an order and parting with my money, I decided to check whether was a scam or not. To this end, I verified the contact details listed on the webpage. A person on the other side of the phone answered my call and dissipated all doubts. Dissertation Writing is a real company. Just to stay on the safe side and ensure that it was trustworthy, I scanned their website for reliable modes of payment. They had quite a few of them: Discover, Visa, and MasterCard among others. Finally, I asked around and discovered that two of my classmates have also used the service before. Thus, I had enough information to conclude that DissertationWritings safe and order their help.

When my dissertation arrived, I received confirmation that my choice was the right one.

Final Verdict company is the real deal. It withstood the test of time and my stern dissertation advisor. And when I say “stern,” I mean “a perfectionist with a stick up his you-know-what.”

I have no idea how Dissertations Writing manages to do what they do without tripling their prices. Trust me: the quality of writing and customer support they deliver is infinitely higher than the cost they charge for it.

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The only thing I would change about the company is its website. I wish I could say that it is a symbiosis of practicality and beauty. However, it is laden with information to the point of not being immediately accessible to the students in a hurry. This minor deficiency of the website’s design stops me short of assigning the company the top score.

Given all of the above and several more points, I’m too lazy to mention, DissertationWritings’ final score is 4.9 out of 5.

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