When I was a student, I had a rule about college assignments: if one didn’t tickle my fancy, I outsourced it. Why? Because I hated wasting my precious time on boring papers. Boredom rendered any writing task unbearable, it sapped my energy and robbed me of stamina necessary to excel. Therefore, I often fell back on the assistance of writing agencies such as writemypaper.net, write my paper 4 me, write my paper co, write my paper 123, write my paper net, writemypapers com, right my paper, rightmypapers, and write my essay org among others. Turns out, I did not need to craft my paper single-handedly every single time to be academically successful.

Therefore, I simply concentrated on the most interesting and consequential ones and left the rest to some paper writing agency. How did I choose companies for ordering essays? I selected them haphazardly. Given that my decisions were not preceded by careful consideration of Reddit, TrustPilot or other ‘write my paper for me’ reviews, I often regretted them. And thus, we have finally inched to the reason behind writing this article: I don’t want you to repeat my mistakes. When faced with a choice – PaperWritings.com and WriteMyPapers or some other agency – you should know exactly which essay writing service is safe. To help you out, I’ve prepared this article based on own experience and real WriteMyPapers org customer reviews. Having ordered a piece from Write My Papers company, here’s what I can tell you about the quality of its services.

Write My Paper Discount Code and Prices

Have you been to the Swiss Alps? If you have, you might understand what I felt when stumbling across WriteMyPapers promo codes and coupons. Here’s the thing about the Alpine region of Switzerland: it’s not uncommon to see a flying cow there. If the national animal gets injured in the high mountain pastures, it is immediately helicoptered to a vet. Imagine seeing a spotted cow hanging peacefully from a harness attached to a shining belly of a chopper. You just can’t believe your eyes. And I also couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a 11% discount issued by www.writemypapers.org. WriteMyPaper prices are already ridiculously low, which is why I was stunned by the generous offer. Let me put things in perspective for you. Write My Papers asks only $12 for a page of undergraduate-level writing. To get the same page from other companies, you would have to pay $15, $16, or even $18.

“How about advanced writing?”, you might ask. For obvious reasons, it is pricier. The company volunteers to write your bachelor’s or master’s level assignment for $16 or $19, respectively. If in your pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, you’ve struggled to make sense of arcane paper instructions (and I’m sure you have), then you know that the price is just right.

For the sake of fairness, it must be mentioned that there are agencies charging $9 for a page of high-school level writing. And they also offer discounts. The price is so low that even the flying cow analogy seems insufficient here. But don’t get me started on the quality of their services. You would be better off buying your papers from a rabid monkey bashing random keys on a Mac. In most cases, $9 writing is plagiarized dreck; in other cases, it is unintelligible, error-ridden work of some truant. Trust me, dirt-cheap papers are a huge no-no.

To sum up, the company’s services cost reasonably low. With a promo code, you can snatch yourself a pretty inexpensive paper. Moreover, the Pay Later option allows deferring the payment, which benefits students who are temporarily squeezed for money. Therefore, the pricing strategy of WriteMyPapers scores 5 out of 5.

WriteMyPapers Essay Writing Quality

The quality of services is at the heart of writing companies’ success. It’s what makes and breaks them. The commonest complaints throughout the industry are poor writing and plagiarism. A rare student cares about anything else. Therefore, if a company isn’t capable of delivering superb papers, a fancy app or generous bonuses won’t stop its customers from leaving. In order to check the professionalism of WriteMyPapers’ writers, I decided to buy a paper there. To this end, I created a Write My Papers account, using their registration form. I’m no web designer, but I know a shoddy design when I see it. To create an account or login to it, one has to use (or shall I say endure?) a dreary form without a smidgen of color. If the person designing the uninspiring form was driven by aesthetic or novelty motives, they failed miserably. If, on the other hand, they wanted to dissuade students from using the form, then, they did an excellent job. The same applies to writemypapers.org order form, which, apparently, was created by the same stick-in-the-mud designer. I tried to disregard the criminally insipid design and yawned my way through the three unexciting minutes of the ordering process. Then, I made the final click, and someone started working on my nursing research paper.

Two days passed.

The paper was delivered four hours before the requested deadline.

“That’s surprisingly quick; the paper is probably under-researched,” was my first thought. “The prevention of pressure ulcers in intensive care units is not a topic one can write casually about,” I kept thinking.

And you know what? Something must have blocked my ‘Spidey sense’ because I was totally wrong. The three-page paper had nine references from peer-reviewed articles. I had requested six. Clearly, the writer perused a ton of nursing journals to write it.

After checking the number of references and their adherence to APA citation format, I fed the paper to a commercial plagiarism detection system – Copyscape. After chewing on it for a while, the detector passed its judgment: “No results found for the text you pasted.” The research paper was 100% unique.

In the opening paragraph, the writer stressed why the prevention of the hospital-acquired pressure ulcers is important. To explain the clinical challenges of the condition, the writer drew heavily on the recent epidemiological studies.

The body paragraphs were dedicated to the discussion of preventative measures for pressure ulcers. The writer made elaborate efforts to buttress their claims with up-to-date evidence from a host of clinical settings. Specifically, they incorporated the results of several qualitative studies into the paper and summarized the findings of two systematic reviews. The writer concluded that the use of multi-layered soft silicone foam dressings could drastically reduce the incidence of the condition, thereby improving patient outcomes in intensive care units.

The research that went into writing the paper was beyond reproach.

I inspected the research paper for grammar errors and did not find any. However, the writer did not use the serial comma before coordinating conjunctions, which is a pet peeve of mine. It is not considered a punctuation mistake or anything, but it still bugs me.

OK, it’s time to rate the writing quality. Given the paper was completely unique and masterfully written, I would be a real curmudgeon to detract points for the peculiar use of the comma. Therefore, it earns 5 out of 5, and quite deservedly so.

Is Writemypapers.org Scam or Legit Company?

Now it’s time to address the question that probably weighs on your mind: “Are the Write My Papers legit?” If my personal experience is any indication of the company’s trustworthiness, then the answer is “Yes.” It seems that the company is safe: my paper was delivered on time as promised. Being a privacy-obsessed person, I also like that it doesn’t request too much personal information. “Is WriteMyPapers reliable?” you wonder. After reading dozens of testimonials, I can also answer in affirmative. Sure, one can find an occasional complaint about the company’s obnoxious habit of emailing promo materials, but, otherwise, the feedback on WriteMyPapers is positive.

Write My Papers org Customer Support

Writers alone do not account for the entirety of customer experience; they are simply responsible for its one dimension. Since service quality is not a function of a solo effort, I wanted to check whether other employees of Write My Papers pull their weight. To this end, I sent a couple of questions at [email protected]. The response was almost immediate. A member of the Customer Support team answered all my questions using cold business lingo. The language was formal, stilted, and, above all, long-winded (so much so that verbosity of the email would easily put David Foster Wallace to shame). Hence, I didn’t even bother to read it. Instead, I called the company.

A real person picked a phone after the third ring. She spoke in plain English and was quite personable. Needless to say, the lack of cryptic business jargon was refreshing.

Let me rate the quality of the Customer Support service at WriteMyPapers. If the company answered my email in a breezy manner the Customer Support rep talked to me on the phone, it would score higher. As for now, it earns decent 4.8 out of 5.

Other Features

Partial delivery is a feature allowing students to receive their papers in several installments. Some customers might find the feature convenient. I had no use for it.

WriteMyPapers.org Is it Good? Final Verdict

Cue the drum roll… WriteMyPapers is good. The paper I got there was nothing like the boilerplate texts sold by other companies. It was painstakingly researched and beautifully written by an honest-to-goodness professional. If I still were a student, I would definitely become their regular. And why not? Writing is great, prices are great. Well, customer service is OK, and the website design is rather egregious, but I can live with it. For me, superb quality of writing and its originality is all that matters.

Here is my final verdict on WriteMyPapers.org – 4.9 out of 5. Maybe, someday I’ll find a better company, but for the time being it seems there is none.

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