Enough with spandex-clad superheroes. They are great at solving problems, but who wants them to punch a falling meteorite? Meteorites are not scary enough. We students would rather be saved from a rapidly approaching deadline. Since students don’t worry about falling outer space objects and aliens coming in and messing things up, they need another kind of heroes. Now is time for heroes with the power of paperwriting. These folks don’t sport colorful tights and capes. I have a lingering suspicion that employees of PaperWriting com don’t look heroic at all while crafting my papers in comfortable sweatpants. Nonetheless, academic writers regularly save students by grappling with their real-life problems such as essays, term papers, reports, etc. Naturally, students have their favorite champions. And today, I want to help you find one. In this article, I take a close look at the service and carefully assess its quality. What is paperwritings.com (don’t confuse it with paperwriters com – there are so many similar names in the niche)? As the name implies, it’s a company specializing in paper writings. Let’s find out whether it is staffed with unsung heroes or hacks. Instead of rehashing Trustpilot reviews of paperwritings.com, I have ordered a paper there. The result has shocked me more than the ending of Watchmen.

PaperWritings Discounts

Full disclosure: Paper Writings is not the first academic agency I’ve used. There have been others. And all of them have derailed my minor financial goals (upgrading a phone, buying a Netflix subscription, etc.). Obviously, not every student spends as much on their papers as I do. Because of working my way through college, I buy different pieces of writing twice a week on average. And there are plenty of companies that are happy to suck money out of my wallet with the efficiency of a Dyson vacuum cleaner. And by money, I mean lots and lots of money. There are companies that charge up to $40 per page! This kind of greed would put EA to shame. So imagine the sheer joy of discovering Paperwritings promo and coupon codes. After scouring the Web for a short while, I scored a 11% discount code IAMVIP for my first order. There is also paperwritings.com discount code for ‘Refer a friend’ program. Soon, someone lucky will save a wad of cash just for palling around with me. That being said, no one is luckier than bachelor’s and master’s students using Paper writings.com. Why? Because they can get a 5% or even a 10% discount on their big orders of complicated papers.

PaperWritings Prices Range

Let’s get down to the cost of the company’s services. A price for a page of undergraduate writing is only $10. Bachelor’s and master’s level writing is a bit pricier – $16 and $19, respectively. Nonetheless, it is not anywhere as spendy as similar offerings by other companies. I’ve dealt with agencies whose artificially high prices have left a gaping hole in my pocket. Being oblivious to alternatives, I’ve paid as much as $30 per page of a bachelor’s level writing. Well, I’m not making the same mistake again.

Hands down, Paper Writings.com has a very reasonable pricing model. Obviously, the company targets the mass market. But I don’t mind it. After all, I’m not a pashmina scarf-wearing snoot with tons of money to spare. Thus, I rate the company’s pricing model at 5 out of 5. Those who sip coffee without extending their pinkies would probably agree with this rating.

placed order

Paper Writings Order Placement Process

Congrats! You’ve been patient enough, and now you are reading the meatiest part of this article. Here, I discuss my ordering experience with Paperwritings.com and its aftermath. After looking at an essay samples blog, which consists of entries submitted by the company’s writers, I decided to place an order. I was happy to realize that there was no need for paperwritings login to sign in. All I had to do is to enter my email, phone number, and basic instructions. But once I clicked the submit button, another form popped up. And it was too complicated for my liking. I looked at a large number of achromatic fields and felt lost. In a few seconds, I found my bearings and realized that all fields had been automatically filled. I just had to check them. After a brief inspection of the form, I tried to change the Type of Paper field because it had been set to essays. I needed a book response. There was every type of academic writing imaginable: school paper writings, white paper writings, mathematics paper writings, etc., but no book response. So, I left the field be and paid for the order.

paperwritings order

Paper Writing Quality and Services Review

Bearing in mind the minor mishap with the ordering form, I was skeptical about the company’s promise of “always on-time delivery,” and boy was I wrong! The company over-delivered on its promise by sending me a paper 6 hours before the requested deadline.

I checked the file with plagiarism and grammar checker Grammarly and found that the book response was faultless in both regards. Then, I started reading it.

The opening paragraph of the paper identified Neil Postman as the author of the book and provided its date of publication. The writer did a good job of highlighting Postman’s main points. They also crafted a clear and coherent thesis statement that read as follows:

Neil Postman’s prophetic book, Amusing Ourselves to Death, is an apt and stinging assessment of the modern communication technologies as a peril to the rational public conversation. The events unfurling in the wake of Trump’s ascendancy have cast a dark shadow over the current public discourse mediated by television and proved that the author’s skewering of the medium is not without merit.

In the second paragraph, the writer presented an informative summary of the book. They managed to boil its content down to the bare essentials, thereby providing a reader with a general sense of the material. All important points were mentioned and illustrated with direct quotations.

In the following parts of the paper, the writer discussed the material within the framework of present-day America. They evaluated the literary merits of the Postman’s book as well as the importance and accuracy of its key points. The paper was properly organized and carefully edited. I was not able to locate even a single issue with its grammar or mechanics.

The minor inconvenience of the ordering form was completely overshadowed by the remarkable quality of writing. I loved what I got. For this reason, the company’s papers are rated at 5 out of 5.

PaperWritings.com Customer Service

To assess the quality of customer service at Paper Writings, I used a contact number displayed prominently on the website and made a call. And you know what? It seems that PaperWritings support team is there to help. I do realize that the sole purpose of any support department is to help customers, but my experience shows that it’s not always the case. Having talked with enough support reps, I know how tired and unprofessional those folks can be. When I don’t talk to exhausted and poorly trained reps from an overseas location, I speak with robots. Fortunately, my customer experience with Paper Writing was entirely different.

Instead of listening to crappy music for ten minutes, I was immediately connected with a well-trained and compassionate person. The customer support rep gave short and precise responses to my inquiries. They were professional, warm, and, above all, helpful. My customer experience would have been even better if the rep talked slower. She had a foreign accent, which further affected my comprehension. Given all of the above, the quality of customer service is rated at 4.9 out of 5.

Is PaperWritings Legit and Safe to Use? Are There Guarantees?

Is Paperwritings.com safe? I used the service and can attest to the fact that paperwritings fraud and scam allegations are utterly baseless. I don’t have a single complaint about the company. After paying only $54 for a good 3-page paper and receiving it on time, I can state with certainty that Paper Writings is legit and reliable. The company’s steadfast insistence on high-quality service is underscored by its willingness to give a money-back guarantee.

PaperWritings.com Rating and Final Verdict

After reading this paperwritings feedback, most students will, probably, share my opinion of the company: it is staffed with veritable champions. Unlike their comic book counterparts, the paper writings heroes don’t knock the snot out of fictional villains. Instead, they point their powers at the real-life foes – college assignments.

Sure, Paperwritings.com is not perfect. Its ordering form is rough around the edges; its range of services can be wider. Nonetheless, the company easily outperforms its competitors in terms of speed, quality, and safety. Therefore, it has my unreserved support and a rating of 4.9 out of 5.

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