Papernow is a company established to offer various academic solutions to students. Nowadays students get caught up in a flurry of activities that hinder their focus on academic tasks. This has necessitated the need for assistance in coursework, homework assignments, thesis writing, dissertation research, and many other academic duties.

Due to the large demand for such services, writing companies experience cutthroat competition as they strive to attract more clients to their offerings. Papernow has not been left out of the race either. This company has made a great effort to earn a spot among the top writing companies. One way of advertising is through a real review of a website. Therefore, in this paper writing service review, you shall learn more about the features and services of this company and how you stand to benefit as a student.


The Factors That Make Papernow a Good Service


If you are still wondering, “Is Papernow Legit?” Rest assured that Papernow is an academic service known for its guarantee on quality. Whenever you purchase any assistance, rest assured that they will offer you the best quality service by their policy of utmost customer satisfaction. Moreover, they not only write essays, dissertations, and reports. You can also purchase essay examples as well as receive professional tips and advice on how to improve your writing skills in a given type of paper or general writing.  Therefore, by purchasing their services, you stand to benefit from information that is helpful both at present and in your future academic progress. This is unlike other writing agencies that promise students splendid services only to give them half-written papers after charging them excessive amounts of money.

Another strength of this company is that no matter how complex your paper is; they have seasoned writers who can write quality work. Some of their writers have high academic qualifications inclusive of Ph.D. and master’s degrees. These are professional writers who have gained a deep understanding of their respective subjects. They can write papers that provide great insight into a matter and capture all the relevant information. These writers are also well versed with all the academic writing formats. As such they are sure to write in your desired format properly.

Papernow only hires native English writers. All of them are eloquent in both spoken and written language. They can write your paper without any spelling issues and grammatical errors. This greatly minimizes the chances of a client sending back the copy for lengthy revisions. What’s more, good grammar and spelling enhance the comprehensibility of the writing. Lecturers normally penalize a student if their paper is full of language errors. Therefore, good language is a factor that can enhance your academic scores in any given paper.

In academic writing, experience matters a lot. Papernow is an online company that has been in operation over the last 10 years. Through constant writing, their writers have gained enough practice to sharpen their writing, research and analysis skills. They fully understand most of the common impediments students face in writing. Therefore, they can easily come up with a solution to any problem you are experiencing.

It is for this reason that they can deliver papers and other services fully customized to the specific taste of a client. One good thing about these writers is that if at all they are not conversant with any of the instructions, they always take the necessary action to contact the client and ask them for additional clarification. This ensures you receive a fully satisfactory paper.

The writers can offer academic services across multiple academic levels. High school students can purchase different types of papers as well as essay examples. The same applies to undergraduate students in universities or those undertaking diplomas in community colleges. What’s more, there are writers qualified enough to write proposals, dissertations and research papers for masters and doctoral degree candidates. This company does not only focus on undergraduate students as most other companies do. All scholars can be assisted regardless of their level.

Key Advantages of Hiring Papernow

Papernow is a writing service for students that offers much more regarding the benefits that accompany their services. Some of the key advantages are as follows:

  • Plagiarism free papers

The papernow plagiarism policy does not allow any plagiarized content. All writing tasks must always begin from scratch. The process is highly effective in stimulating creativity and maintain the originality of the paper. Any cited material must have the accompanying citations. Furthermore, upon completion of a paper, the quality assurance department takes the extra step of analyzing the material using Copyscape software to detect any copied work.

At Papernow, they can never resell your paper to another client. Their no resell policy ensures that you retain ownership of your paper. Even upon conducting an online search, you can never find details of your work. Full confidentiality is guaranteed on this website.

  • 24/7 availability

The services of this company can be accessed at any time any day. They never take a break even during the main public holidays. This means that whenever you need a writer, you can hire a writer at your convenience.

Another good thing is that in case you are feeling exhausted or you want to free up time for leisure and other personal activities you can place an order, and they shall effectively write your assignment. There are also times whereby you might fall ill unexpectedly. Papernow is always available to rescue you in such circumstances.

  • Multiple subjects

This company has invested in hiring a diverse writing team with varied specialties. Therefore, they can undertake writing and other academic services in over forty subjects. Sometimes, you might be in a situation where you have separate assignments from different instructors. You are likely to be overwhelmed by the fatigue caused by researching numerous papers within a short period. To relieve your burden, simply place your orders at Papernow, and you shall find writing gurus available for each of your papers.

  • Hand-picked writers

This company only selects the most prolific writers in the industry to work on your papers. This means that the most qualified writers are the ones who offer services to clients. Before a writer gets admitted into the company, he or she must undergo rigorous evaluation procedures to ascertain the level of writing skills. After that, the company only chooses the best 5% of all candidates to help it offer writing services to clients.

  • Unlimited revisions

If you have downloaded a paper and notice that there are some errors you would like to be rectified, do not worry. This company offers you a good opportunity to return it for revisions. Within two weeks after downloading your paper, you can request as many corrections as you wish until you are finally satisfied with the quality. This ensures that by the time you submit your paper to the instructor you are 100% confident that you shall perform well.

  • Speedy delivery

The writers in this company are extremely fast and strictly adhere to all deadlines. They can write and deliver a paper in as little as 3 hours. Nevertheless, this normally depends on the complexity of the paper. What’s more, the more urgent your order is the higher the price you shall pay. Urgent orders range between 3 to 24 hours. Therefore, even if it is late in the night and you have a paper due tomorrow, do not panic. Just hand it over to the experts and the rest shall be done. Fast delivery of copies allows you ample time to go through the paper and make any necessary changes before you submit.

Note: These companies have many more benefits that we could not cover in this college paper writing service review.


The Ease of Navigating the Website

The design of this website embraces utmost simplicity making it extremely simple to navigate to different items. All the features therein are properly arranged in simple and highly intuitive menus. They use basic English to make it easy to understand the various components within the website.  The buttons are well laid out and visible enough for ease of clicking and selection of items.

Graphic design is splendid, and they have chosen bright colors to add an extra visual appeal. The cartoon-like icons also add a friendly feel.  Therefore, browsing through the website elicits an enjoyable appearance.

Within this website, there is no requirement for a sign-up. When you visit the site and log in for the initial time, all your details are automatically saved in their servers. You can thus reuse them to access the website subsequently. Follow the below procedure to place an order.

  • Log in
  • Fill the order form
  • Wait as the system determines the fittest writer for your task
  • Log in again to monitor the progress of your paper
  • Download your paper on the due date.

Enjoy Quality Customer Support

At Papernow, you can contact a customer care agent any time you are experiencing a problem. They are available 24 hours a day and will assist you in solving all matters concerning your order. Whether you have a dispute or you have a query, all concerns shall be addressed. You can contact them through telephone, email, and live chat. What’s more, the website has a floating chat button that persists despite navigation through the menus. Therefore, it is very simple to access support staff through chat.

Real-time order tracking enables you to communicate with a writer directly. Therefore, you can easily monitor the progress of the paper and let the writer know of any changes you would like to see in your copy.

Secure and Efficient Payment Methods

Papernow uses PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American express monetary transfer platforms. These platforms are very fast and efficient for online transactions. They are also very secure in that they protect your bank details. Their website runs on secure SSL technology. It encrypts all the traffic between your device and its servers. For this reason, unauthorized parties cannot illegally access your data. Their money back policy ensures that you receive a full refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper.

The Papernow Bonus System


Papernow has a promotional campaign aimed at attracting more clients to the website. Anytime you purchase for the first time you instantly get 15% off your first order. Likewise, the higher the pages you buy, the greater the discount proportion. Making referrals to potential clients results in a bonus for free papers.

Prices for various types of papers are highly affordable. Just for $11.87, you can get an essay written for you. For term papers, they begin their services at $14.65. Editing shall cost you $7.98 per page, and a research paper costs $12.65 per page.






Range of Services


Writing Quality


Customer Service



  • Deliver Work on Time
  • Great Refunds Policy


  • High Prices
  • Hidden Money Back Guarantee
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