MyPaperWriter service is sabotaged by the poor quality of writing. The narrative was disjointed and meandering; several questions from my instructions remained unaddressed. Clearly, no one edited the paper before sending it to me, which is unacceptable, to say the least. There are much better services.


Students of today often search quick academic help that can free them up from the taxing task of college writing. After rummaging the Web for a while, some of the young learners arrive at MyPaperWriter. Cultured netizens are instantly pushed away by the hackneyed design of the company’s website. Their less-informed counterparts are not alarmed by corny graphics and insipid fonts, which is why they stay and even order custom papers. Are they making a mistake? If user testimonials justify on the website are to be trusted, then the answer is an unambiguous ‘No.’ The company’s clients convincingly recount the thrill of buying expertly-crafted college papers and top grades that invariably follow the purchase. If, however, one were to fire up their browser and dig deep into genuine user reviews on the Web, they would discover a less sanguine picture.

So, can MyPaperWriter be trusted? To find out, I conducted a mini-investigation the detailed results of which can be found below.

MyPaperWriter Prices and Discounts

First things first, the company is not hiding its pricelist from visitors to the website, which earns it a brownie point. As for the list itself, the customers are provided with several options that have different price points: academic writing, editing, and business writing. A page of academic writing for college freshman is priced way above the market average. If you are in a hurry and want your paper delivered within 3 to 8 hours, you’ll have to pay $36.11 per page. Those who can wait for fifteen days will fork out $20.29 for a similar page of writing. To put things into perspective, there are plenty of companies whose asking price for a page of academic writing at the college level is $12 to $15. But let’s get back to My Paper Writer and my experience with the company. I ordered an APA-formatted 4-pages long psychology paper that cost me $130.20. The ordering form featured a promo code field, which could be used to apply a discount. Unfortunately, after searching for codes or coupons for a discount, I wasn’t able to find any; therefore, I justify the field empty.

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To sum up, the company is asking quite a lot for its services, which is why one would expect a high quality of writing. Read the following section of the review to find out whether it is the case. Hint: it is not.

MyPaperWriter Writing Quality

Congrats! You are reading the meatiest part of the review. Here, I am analyzing the paper’s quality by looking closely at its content in the context of the initial instructions, language use, and structure.

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The paper written by MyPaperWriter was sabotaged by the lack of a point. The writer was unable to strike the right balance between a narrative description and analysis, which resulted in the paper that reads like a disjointed summary of peer-reviewed articles. The instructions clearly called for the exploration of the cultural impact on leadership in the light of modern organizational theories. It follows that the writer should have explored whether cross-cultural issues occur in organizational settings and how they influence leadership styles. Furthermore, the author of the paper was expected to present the divergence of cultural views on the distinctive attributes such as the degree of cooperation, uncertainty avoidance, power distance, and gender egalitarianism using a framework of several organizational theories.

Did they do it? I wish they did. Instead, the writer engaged in the prolonged discussion of a national character, that was followed by a brief description of two cultural dimensions: uncertainty avoidance and masculinity vs. femininity. First of all, why did the writer confine their analysis to two dimensions only? Second of all, the instructions couldn’t be clearer that the cultural dimensions should be linked to leadership styles. Granted, the writer elaborated the sets of parameters differentiating cultures along the two dimensions mentioned above. Nonetheless, they failed to establish the causality between the cultural attributes and organizational processes. Clearly, the paper did not meet the basic requirements for the assignment: the message was communicated poorly, and some questions presented in the instructions were not addressed.

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When it comes to the language use, there weren’t any significant complaints. Although a few minor errors could have been edited out, the sentence structure and diction were superb. As for the overall structure of the paper, it justify much to be desired. The writing lacked cohesion; some points were reiterated many times. When arranging paragraphs, the writer failed to support the central ideas with relevant evidence. Due to the lack of topic sentences, some paragraphs seemed jumbled and aimless.

Given the above analysis of the writer’s work, it is clear that the paper should be revised. The company’s website indicates that there is a 10-day free revision policy, which is probably used way too often by its customers.

MyPaperWriter Customer Service Quality

There are two ways to reach the customer support department of a toll-free number and a messaging form. I used the first customer service vehicle and patiently waited for someone to answer. Much to my chagrin, I wasn’t able to reach a customer support representative for more than five minutes. When I finally got a hold of the rep, I was surprised to discover that they had a thick Russian accent. Although I wouldn’t call the encounter irksome, it wasn’t particularly helpful to converse with someone who had trouble driving their point home. On the bright side, the rep was cordial and even apologized for making me wait.

Is My Paper Writer Legit?

It seems that MyPaperWriter is based overseas, which is evidenced by the frequent use of poor English on its website. Furthermore, the formulaic testimonials justify by satisfied customers have a tinge of bias discernible in every entry. Neither of these facts inspires confidence in the company’s legitimacy. However, having ordered a research paper for myself, I can attest to the fact that is a legitimate enterprise. It is entirely up to you whether to have any dealings with them considering the abysmal quality of the paper they sold me.

MyPaperWriter Rating

The company is a strong competitor for the title of the worst provider of writing services in the market. Without a doubt, the quality of their writing wouldn’t be acceptable even if they slashed their asking price (minimum of $17.55/page for a 15-days delivery) in half. I didn’t massively dislike the customer service, though. However, the students who are not thrilled about enduring foreign accents when trying to solve their academic issues are advised to stay away from MyPaperWriter. Given the considerable drawbacks discussed above, the company’s services are rated at 3.5. Review

Since MyPaperWriter is clearly not a great choice, read WowEssays review to see how a great company should look like.

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