The Grademiners’ writer put a great effort into developing the paper but failed to explain how the presented evidence proved their point. Also, the customer support rep could have been more cheerful. In overall, the service was average. However, you’d be better off exploring alternative options:


It strains credulity to believe that an average student can survive college without resorting to some kind of academic help. Recent reports suggest that many young learners often fall back on professional writing services. There is nothing surprising about it. What is really interesting is that the majority of the said services are unbearably shoddy. Knowing all too well how important it is for a college-goer to submit a decently-written paper on time, I decided to evaluate the professional performance of a popular writing company – Grade Miners. Here comes the disclaimer: my review for, like all other reports, are based solely on my personal experience of using their services.

So what is Grade Miners? They cast themselves as a writing assistance service. Yet, we all understand clearly what this euphemism stands for – a place where outsource writers craft academic papers for students for money. Judging from the impressive 12206 reviews, 96% of which are positive, the company has mountains of social capital. Although it is not uncommon for writing services to have fake customer testimonials on their websites, it seems that the ones displayed on are real. Why are students so enthralled with the service? Are all of those described virtues of GradeMiners real? Let’s find out.

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GradeMiners Promo Code and Prices Review

After searching the Web for a brief minute, I was able to locate a 15% discount on any academic paper and an 18% discount on all college papers. I also found GradeMiners coupons that allow their owner to save $25 on $100+ purchases. However, to benefit from the price cut, one must sign up to a coupon indexing service. Furthermore, a particular coupon for Grade Miners also offers a 15% discount for first-time customers. Thus, it can be concluded that the agency is extremely eager to draw students’ purchasing power toward itself.

Now, let’s discuss the company’s prices and how they stand out among similar offerings by the company’s lower cost competitors. Grademiners provides its users with an instant price quote on their papers. It is fairly convenient to see how much your paper will cost before you order it or even create a login. Therefore, the use of price calculators has become the industry standard. Unfortunately, the calculator doesn’t allow applying the first order discount to see how much a paper would cost with it. Nonetheless, it is pretty convenient and shows that a high school paper with a 20 days’ deadline costs $11.87 per page. A similar page of writing but at the undergraduate, master, and Ph.D. levels costs $17.96, $24.05, and $25.10, respectively.

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Let’s say a student is in a hurry and needs their essay delivered ASAP. In such case, a page of writing with a 3 hours’ deadline would cost $34.95 for high school level and a whopping $44.95 for Ph.D. The prices are somewhat higher than those of the company’s competitors.

Weirdly enough, after proceeding with the order, I was offered a 10% discount instead of the promised 15%. Dishonest marketing practice?

Quality of GradeMiners Services and Writing

grademiners gifGrademiners claims to work with more than 1000 content experts who write papers of professional quality in literally any subject field from economic academic essay to music, visual arts, and film studies. To evaluate the professionalism of its writing team and verify positive GradeMiners paper writing reviews, I ordered a 3-page argumentative essay. I wondered “Does the company delivers its papers on time without any cheating?” I also wanted to check whether a writer assigned to my order engages in plagiarism.


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My paper arrived without delay. Its topic was gun control. In the introduction, the writer clearly set up their claim: “Gun control drastically reduces the number of gun owners, thereby limiting the probability of violent gun crime occurrence, which is why its implementation is necessary both in the short and long run.” To make the introductory paragraph interesting, the writer provided the results of the National Crime Victimization Survey according to which more than 400,000 individuals suffered from a crime committed with a firearm in 2016. It is fairly obvious that the author of the essay was intent on providing solid evidence from the get-go.

The writer crafted two background paragraphs that provided definitions of key terms and explained key points of view on the issue of gun control. Remarkably, they went so far as to discuss the history of the second amendment and its importance to the gun bearing population in the US. With that being laid out, the writer acknowledged the negative effect of firearms on the country and argued that its meager benefits should be reassessed. The core of their argument was that the US government should adopt stricter licensing laws and concealed carry permissions since it does not constitute a total ban but rather a mere regulation. They hedged their point by stating that the privileges of both parties to the issue should not be abused or mismanaged in the process.

To sum up, the writer did a great job of presenting the two sides of the debate and providing supporting evidence for their arguments. Unfortunately, the writer has failed to interpret how some of the evidence proves their point. Also, the second background paragraph did not include a topic sentence, which is a minor yet noticeable drawback. I appreciate the effort put by the writer into the essay; however, given the abovementioned flaws, their work earns only 4.0 out of 5.

GradeMiners Customer Service

If I learned anything from dealing with academic writing services, it is that the quality of customer service does matter. Sometimes, you need to talk with a customer support rep to inquire about the progress on your order. Other times, you forgot account password and lost access to your personal cabinet. Finally, you might want to have a refund or chargeback. If the quality of your customer experience isn’t up to par, you are not likely to use the company’s services next time you need academic assistance. In an effort to check the quality of GradeMiners’ customer support, I used the phone number displayed on their website. One can also chat with Support online or via the GradeMiners app (available for Android only), but I prefer real-time communication.

It seems that the agency’s support team is based in Russia and that they are responding to clients by using pre-written scripts. To GradeMiners’ credit, the rep promptly answered my question about the company’s revision policy and how do I cancel my request on Grade Miners if I change my mind. Although her answers were canned, they were fairly quick. Unfortunately, dealing with the customer support rep over the phone felt like talking with a friendly robot that has a charming Russian accent. She didn’t dare to veer off the script, which stifled our conversation. Therefore, the quality of the company’s customer support is rated at 2.5.

Is GradeMiners Legit?

It seems that a large number of GradeMiners Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram users are interested in Grade Miners reliability. Honestly, during the up and down overview, I’ve stumbled upon questions like “Is GradeMiners cheating?” or “Is it reliable and safe to use their services?” one too many times.

Some users are worried that the company uses affiliate site marketing to attract customers and scam them out of their money. To find out whether the company is illegal or not, I used their phone number and verified that it has an actual offline presence. I also ordered a paper there, which turned out to be pretty decent. Therefore, I can unequivocally confirm that GradeMiners runs a legit business.

Other Features

The company utilizes a powerful referral marketing strategy for customer acquisition. To grow their revenue, Grademiners offers up to $50 for every friend a client refers to them.

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I revisited again at the beginning of March 2019 as I noticed the changes in their website design. And you know what? I like the new appearance much more. Executed in dark-grey and orange colors, the page nonetheless seems bright and clear thanks to appropriately picked alteration with white and light-grey sections. The redesign didn’t affect the service’s usability, but at least it looks real cool.

GradeMiners Total Rating

So how good Grade Miners was overall? Well, I had a fairly pleasant experience dealing with the company. The amount of effort the writer put into producing my essay is admirable. It wasn’t the best essay on the topic I’ve read, but it was pretty close. Based on that, the question “Is trustworthy paper provider?” can be only answered affirmatively. Even though the customer support service of GradeMiners was helpful, it lacked a personal touch, which reduced the overall rating of the company. I’ve also posted a short review of my experience with them on TrustPilot. Given all of the above, GradeMiners is rated at 3.8.

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