Cheerful students are walking outside a college building. Look at them. A sizeable percentage of those students use ed helpers. com or similar services. Well, you wouldn’t be able to tell simply by looking at them, but trust me, they do. Each year, thousands of students rely on to stay afloat in college. Turns out that ghostwriting is not just for celebrities. Edhelper community helpers craft essays, term papers, and dissertations for students. This can be for many reasons. Some learners have no inclination to pen papers themselves; others are simply too busy. In any case, edu helper specialists render an important community service. But how good is it? It is one thing to write a school-level essay; it is another to deliver superb university-level materials. So, what is website all about? Is it a non-stop hustle to lure customers and foist shoddy writing on them or is it a profitable venture beyond any kind of criticism? I decided to find out. Read this account of a real customer experience with and make up your own mind.

Let’s go!

Eduhelper Prices and Discounts

If you are a trust fund baby, skip this section entirely. You don’t have to worry about promo codes, coupons, and other ways to get cheap papers. The rest of us, who haven’t figured out the secret to endless money, are actually interested in service prices. Put simply, mindless spending is not for students who are up to their ears in college debt. So, why on earth, does treat its customers as if they don’t mind paying extra? Here is how it works: to find out an exact price of your paper, you have to go through numerous ordering steps. To add insult to injury, the company has made the ordering procedure as boring as a Republican debate. Come on, we need to see prices beforehand!

edu helper prices

To find out the company’s prices, I went ahead and ordered a 3-pages long research paper on risks of fetal ultrasound imaging in early pregnancy. With a 24-hour deadline and a top writer, the order cost me $124.80, which amounts to roughly $40 per page. Speaking of discounts, Eduhelper don’t have them at all.

To sum up, the service makes a solid impression of being affordable. Of course, for some $40 per page of urgent writing might sound like a discretionary expense, whereas others would find the cost prohibitive. However, having reviewed at least a dozen similar companies, let me assure you that the price is quite reasonable. Now, let’s see how the agency scores in the quality department. Writing Quality and Services

It was not difficult to learn how to use the company’s order form. It is long and boring but simple. When every box was checked and every field was filled, I arrived at the checkout page. There, I saw two payment methods: PayPal and credit card. I was ready to pay using my MasterCard when I saw that the option wasn’t available. I proceeded with payment anyways but was disconcerted by the lack of payment options. When the paper arrived, I checked it for uniqueness to ensure that the company’s claims of plagiarism-free essay delivery and high-quality writers hold to scrutiny. Unfortunately, the plagiarism checker I used showed a two percent match. Upon looking at the scan results closely, I understood that a writer failed to properly cite statistics on routine ultrasound examination in the US published by Abramowicz in Seminars in Perinatology. Although this was not an instance of plagiarism per se, this kind of negligence is inadmissible in academic papers. The points will undoubtedly be deducted.

The writer based their discussion of the risks of fetal ultrasound on several randomized trials. Unfortunately, one study extensively quoted in the paper explored adverse perinatal outcomes in the absence of ultrasound screening rather than the risks of the sonographic examination itself. The inclusion of such an article points to the fact that the writer was careless about his study selection criteria. It also indicates their abysmally low commitment to high-quality research.

The above drawbacks aside, the paper was OK. The writer correctly indicated that being a wave, ultrasound affects tissues it traverses. They also stated that the ultrasound effects fall into two categories – thermal and mechanical – and described them thoroughly. The writer concluded that the most harmful bio effect of ultrasound on the embryo is cavitation or the formation of gas bubbles in tissues with high absorption. The author also called for comprehensive educational interventions concerning the procedure’s risks with the aim to increase patients’ safety. Although the suggestion seems quite reasonable, it would be worth mentioning that the patients’ safety can also be diminished by the failure to undergo the procedure. In such a case, a risk-benefit analysis is due since fetal and neonatal death, as well as neonatal morbidity in the absence of screening, are undeniably less desirable than the questionable harm caused by the procedure.

All in all, the paper was under-researched and poorly written. Therefore, it scores only 3.0.

CyberPaperBoy Review

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Customer Support


The quality of customer support matters quite a lot. Yet, in the whirlpool of day-to-day activities, it is so easy to lose sight of the customer support importance. The case of Eduhelper illustrates that while focusing on secondary issues, managers can forget about the commonsense essentials. Namely, although the company has only a phone number, it misses an email or live chat option. This fact is a good reminder that the all-encompassing goal of proper customer service provision should be the central focus of any writing company.

No one can be bubbly every day and on every phone call. Maybe an otherwise perfect customer support rep I spoke with had an off day because they were sullen. They quickly answered my questions and displayed a high level of professionalism, yet a cheerful attitude one expects from great customer service employees was absent.

Given all of the above, the quality of eduhelpers’ customer support is rated at 3/5.

Guarantees and Assurances of Safe Use

I’m sure that you, as a potential customer of Edu Helpers, want to know that the company is trustworthy and legit. Therefore, it is only reasonable to expect the business to instill confidence in its customers. Regrettably, eduhelper does nothing to convince them that it is not a scam. Why? Because the company does not even have a money back guarantee! Well, it has a refund policy; however, it is tucked under several pages of Terms and Conditions, which makes it almost impossible to find. Moreover, according to the document, the company offers a two-week money back period at its sole discretion. Terms and Conditions state that the company refunds “an amount comparable to the percentage of incorrect content in the Document and mistakes present in it.” In other words, if you receive a mistake-ridden paper, you won’t get all your money back. For this reason, you are well advised to think long and hard before placing an order at Edu-Helper.

Final Verdict on this “essay helpers”

After using the company services, I can conclude that places other priorities above improving customer relationships. The quality of its writings is blatantly low; the lack of payment and contact options also creates severe frustration with the company. And so we come to the fundamental question: Should you use eduhelper? My contention is that any reasonable customer should seek the help of other, more professional companies. Thus, Eduhelpers’ final rating is meager 3.3/5.


No, I cannot recommend using EduHelpers for several reasons. First, the paper was riddled with mistakes and inconsistencies. Second, the writer failed to cite the statistics mentioned in the paper. Third, the customer support representative could have offered more detailed responses. Finally, the company does not issue full refunds, which means you might be stuck with an awful paper without the chance to get your money back. Given all of the above, try using a better service:





Range of Services


Writing Quality


Customer Service



  • 4 weeks of free revisions
  • Affordable prices


  • Low paper quality
  • Lack of payment options
  • Lack of services