EduBirdie com has reached an unprecedented height of commercial success. Judging from Reddit, SiteJabber, and TrustPilot reviews, essay writing services of Edu Birdie are in high demand among students. Undeterred by a recent YouTube advertisement scandal, which has nearly slammed the brakes on the company’s rapid ascension to the top of Yahoo and Google results pages, students keep coming. They order assistance with math, history, business, and other subjects. If you also want to become a writer or customer of the agency, you need to know what is it all about. Alternative sites like EduBirdie UK are often fake, which is why you need to be sure that the company’s founder is not just another scammer who will abscond with your money after committing accounts payable fraud. To remove at least some of your worries (that are not unfounded, BTW), I wrote a comprehensive review of the website as well as free and paid online services it has to offer. Read it to find out how to get a discount, how to use the order form, and similar things one can only learn from a free trial, which is notably absent. This article saves you from the necessity to try out the service for yourself to know how good or bad it is. I placed a real order and here’s what happened.

EduBirdie Price Review

The time and effort working students put into earning money are so considerable that the question of how much does EduBirdie cost, surely merits a discussion. Yahoo Answers provide conflicting accounts of the UK company’s pricing policy. Whereas some claim that Edu Birdie has better prices than its competitors, others suggest that the price they ask for a research paper is so expensive that they had to look for a coupon to slash it. No one wants to get expelled over a plagiarized essay; therefore, students keep paying for experience and honesty of EduBirdie com writers. However, what is clear is that the company’s specialists charge too much for their services. Why? Because the company has enough available capital to pay YouTubers to insert discount codes into their videos. YouTube promotion costs a king’s ransom. Guess who pays it? That’s right: customers. Is it a surprise then that students scour the Web for a promo code?

edubirdie order

Now, let’s get to specifics. I wish I could provide you with a price per page for every type of paper. However, the company is pretty secretive about its pricing strategy. No respective page is to be found on the website. When I placed an order, I was provided with a price quote – $9.99 per page. Seems cheap, right? I also thought so before clicking the “Proceed to Bidding” button and discovering a false bottom. As it turned out, the company’s writers weren’t willing to lend me their expertise for $9.99. The lowest bid was $165, the highest $242.57. I opted for the author with 132 finished papers who charged $176 for her assistance. Thus, a page of writing cost me whopping $44!

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To sum up, the company’s prices are nothing short of highway robbery. If you don’t want to reach into your emergency fund, you won’t get any help there. For this reason, EduBirdie prices are rated at 3.

Does EduBirdie Work? Review of Their Writing Quality and Services

If you haven’t used EduBirdie com, the chances are that you are full of questions. How to save your money? Can professors know who has used homework help? Are sample essays detectable on Turnitin? Let’s try to answer some of them. To save some money on your order, you can apply a discount. To this end, you should create account and sign up to it. Actually, it is impossible to do anything on the website without paying or entering your password in a signup form. Once you’ve entered your pass, you can check available research topics or start using the order form to locate anyone willing to write your thesis, personal statement, scholarship essay, poems, test corrections, math, programming, French, English or whatever assignment you got there. As a matter of fact, Edu Birdie has something of a contest among writers working for it: those who submit low and fast bids are the most likely to get hired. When ordering my college paper, I was informed that 9 writers were available for hiring.

After checking their profiles and reading comments of their customers, I accepted the bid of a writer with the highest user grades. Then, I wrote to them and asked to suggest me several topics that require a source inclusion. The writer’s response was really terse: “All research papers require the use of peer-reviewed sources.” Then I asked them whether I could check their work on Turnitin. The writer explained to me the intricacies of using commercial plagiarism-detection software vs. Turnitin. Turns out that the latter option is unavailable because the service has an online database of all searches that users cannot delete. Having cleared all the technicalities, I decided to make a payment at the checkout page. Since, for some reason, they were not accepting card, I completed my payment using PayPal.

Then, the paper arrived.

edubirdie prices

There was no delay in delivery, which is not that surprising considering how much I had to pay for it. The paper was beautifully written and properly researched. The writer summarized six research papers on the physical activity-mental health nexus. They discussed clinical evidence concerning a slew of mental health outcomes such as stress, cognitive functioning, self-esteem, and anxiety. The writer argued that routine physical activity interventions could lead to considerable improvements across a wide spectrum of outcomes. It is also worth noting that the writer pointed to the bidirectional link between sedentary lifestyle and mood disorders in elderly people.

All in all, the paper was great; however, there were several heedless mistakes that prevent me from assigning it a top score. For instance, the writer failed to mention the incapacitating consequences of mental disorders and why it is important to increase physical activity levels among the elderly. Also, they used two outdated articles, which is a huge no-no in academic writing. Given all of the above, the quality of the company’s writing is rated at 4.3.

EduBirdie Plagiarism Checker

Now, let me tell you about free online plagiarism detector EduBirdie com had added to their website. Obviously, it is supposed to help students detect plagiarism, for example, in their own works. But after trying it, I wouldn’t recommend using it. Why? Judging from comments on review platforms, when checked, many texts failed because https EduBirdie com plagiarism had detected “borrowed” materials in papers whereas it just couldn’t have happened as there had been written from scratch. Why does Edu Birdie find so much plag? My answer is – marketing. EduBirdie uses the plag check as just another technique to lurk you into placing an order with them by making you wonder how much text uniqueness is good. So if you insist on running a plagscan and want to avoid such problems, you better use a trusted service, for example, Copyscape or Grammarly. Unlike Edu Birdie, they will let you run a quick scan and check the wrong citation usage, intentional plagiarism, and some other things. It is also a good idea to use a grammar checker to remove typos and punctuation errors EduBirdie writers might have left in your essay.

Is EduBirdie Legit? Are There Any Guarantees?

If, after reading unflattering reviews of EduBirdie com, you wonder “Can I trust the company?”, you are not alone. Many students don’t think that the service is trustworthy and legitimate. Some of them go so far as to suggest that it is a total scam. How to know whether the company is fake or real? The answer is simple: to use its service. I used the website to order a research paper and can attest to the fact that it is better than other services. There are plenty of companies hiring hack writers who engage in unethical or outright illegal behavior such as plagiarism. The Web is brimming with fraud websites used to cheat students out of their money. However, Edu Birdie is not one of them. The service is totally reliable and completely safe. To remove concerns about cheating, which is the customers’ main source of worry, the company has instituted an auto release money and refund policy. Thus, you only pay for papers you like and get your money back if something goes awry. So, is EduBirdie legal? Yes, it totally is.

EduBirdie Support

Measuring customer support quality of EduBirdie is not as straightforward a task as it might seem. The thing is that the company doesn’t even have a customer service number, which is why it can’t be reached by phone. According to a Wiki page on customer support, call centers are extremely efficient in detecting and solving users’ problems, which is why they often used as customer retention tools. Weirdly enough, the company whose affiliate and sponsorship programs have reached YouTube doesn’t want to invest in this efficient communication channel. Sure it has a Facebook page, email, live chat, and free app for iPad and iPhone users. But are those really efficient? Wouldn’t you rather call a customer support representative to have your account unblocked instead of having to download an application from the app store? I used EduBirdie’s live chat to get some help with ordering and, to be quite honest, it was a nightmare. An issue that could have been resolved in a minute or two over the phone seemed to have stuck in the endless loop of back and forth messaging. It took me eight minutes to place my order! Not good. Thus, the company’s customer support quality is rated at 4.0.

Is EduBirdie Good? Final Rating

Is EduBirdie worth it? To answer this question, its clients have to ask themselves first whether they are ready to pay extra for average papers and worse than average customer support. Clearly, EduBirdie com tries to cater to as wide an audience as possible. However, are there many students who can spend their money frivolously? The majority of students who keep a check on their spending habits would be better off using any cheaper alternatives to EduBirdie. Luckily, there are plenty of those on the market. How, then, the company scores on the quality meter? Based on the price, range of services, writing quality, and customer service rates, it scores at 4.1. Although Edu Birdie has managed to surpass both ‘Meh’ and ‘OK’ thresholds, it is still far from being ‘Excellent.’





Range of Services


Writing Quality


Customer Service



  • Ability to choose a writer
  • Double-checking
  • Wide range of services


  • Exorbitant prices
  • Average paper quality
  • Lack of phone customer support
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