Not great, not terrible – CustomWritings are just okay. A couple of syntax and grammar errors detracted from the overall paper quality, but they didn’t ruin it. The prices are only marginally higher than the market average. I have seen worse companies, but I also dealt with better ones.


Ordinarily, I don’t trust Reddit reviews of essay-writing services. This time wasn’t an exception. Relatively cheap pricing and a modern website design create the veneer of authenticity and trustworthiness for CustomWritings. However, over-the-top comments and praise galore regarding made me suspicious. Being cognizant of the underhanded marketing tactics, I decided to make a review of the company myself. The best way to discover the company’s true worth is to analyze observations of former or current insiders. Since this avenue wasn’t open, I opted for an alternative approach – to become the service’s customer. Later, I wrote this review of CustomWritings that sheds light on its professional practices. I offer my insight in the hope that you make an informed choice next time you wish to purchase a paper. So, let’s get to the meat of the matter: the prices, paper quality, and customer support of the writing agency.

CustomWritings Prices and Discounts

Paying for a cheap paper is great, but buying the same paper at a hefty discount is even better. Custom Writings offers its loyal customers a lifetime discount code, which allows them to considerably cut the price of their orders. To become eligible for the code one has to pay at least $500 for their paper. In such a case, they will obtain a 5% discount. For 10% and 15% lifetime discount, a student would have to pay for their orders $1000 and $2000 respectively. It comes without saying that the company disseminates promo coupons. To use a coupon, one has to sign in to a user account using their login details and apply a discount to a purchase.

An organization can have the most thrilling, useful, and tempting service in the world, but if the price isn’t right, the customers won’t buy it. After examining the price list of Custom Writings, it is immediately clear that the prices are just right. A cost of an essay or a research paper is calculated based on the four factors: academic level, number of pages, deadline, and the type of written work. The prices are neatly tailored to the agency’s competitive situation. Put simply, they are low but not extremely low. If you have enough time, you won’t have to pay more than $13 per page of writing at the undergraduate level. Similarly, a page of writing at the master’s and doctoral levels with a 14-days deadline will cost you $22 and $27, respectively. If, however, a deadline breathes down your neck, you will have to pay extra. Specifically, school, undergraduate, and master’s papers written in 8 hours will cost you $25/page, $31/page, and $45/page, respectively.

In summary, has a fairly reasonable pricing policy. Surely, it serves a sole purpose of profit maximization. By pricing their services at the market average, the company wants to remain competitive in the mercurial market. It urges its customers against falling for companies whose asking price is lower than $10/page. I cannot agree more. In my experience, cheap writing agencies are nothing but scams.

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Custom Writings Services

custom writings book reviewNow, it’s time to answer the big questions: does CustomWritings get detected by Turnitin? Are their papers any good? Will you have to request a free revision each time you deal with the company? First things first, I ordered a four-page book review at custom writings. The total price for the paper at the undergraduate level was $100, which is $25 per page. I was promised that the first draft for my approval would arrive in 24 hours. It did. To address the first question, I decided to apply plagiarism detection software to check the writing produced by The results were as convincing as they were expected – no traces of plagiarism. After checking the writers’ honesty, I wanted to resume my improvised investigation and assess their professionalism. To this end, I came up with the following way to manage order quality evaluation: check whether instructions are followed, inspect the quality of the content, and assess whether the sources are cited properly.

The instructions called for the review of An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness by Kay Redfield Jamison. The company’s writer opened their paper with a forceful citation from the book: “People go mad in idiosyncratic ways.” By using a seemingly indispensable clinical fact, they foreshadowed the memoir’s central theme. In the paragraphs following the introduction, the writer insisted that the book is humanizing. They maintained that Jamison had managed to humanize a mental disorder – manic depression – thereby, removing the horrible stigma attached to it. What is worth mentioning is that the writer made an accurate and persuasive comment on the role of the term ‘bipolar disorder’ in traumatizing and debilitating individuals afflicted with the condition. The writer argued that by opting for more clinically accurate and, ultimately, more humane terminology, Jamison had managed to portray her character as less “dangerous,” which resulted in the gradual societal acceptance of the illness.

Undeniably, the writer kept the instructions in mind and followed them closely when working on the text. Furthermore, the immense excitement for the book was almost palpable throughout the review, which earns a brownie point for the studious writer. Maybe due to elation or maybe due to the short deadline, the author marred their work with a couple of careless syntax errors. The reference list was also less than perfect. It is a pity since they only had to list a single source. Considering all of the above, the writer’s work cannot be rated higher than 3/5.

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CustomWritings Support and Customer Service

The next phase of my investigation was to assess the quality of the company’s customer service. To this end, I used the phone number displayed at the top-justify corner of the website next to Custom Writings logo (the info contacts page indicates that there are also a toll-free UK phone and a live chat). I heard a pleasant voice on the other side of the phone after the first three rings. It greeted me and asked “Ho may I help you?” I needed to check how the company handles difficult customers. Therefore, I decided to blackmail the customer support rep with order cancellation. The rep listened to me attentively and let me vent. Then, she responded by reflecting back my complaints and asking whether she adequately understood my sentiment. Later, she produced a viable solution by offering me a discount on the next order.

To conclude, my customer experience was extremely positive, which is why the company earns 4.5 in this department. It would have scored even higher if the rep adjusted her conversation pace to mine and avoided company jargon.

Is Custom Writings Legit?

Is reliable and safe service? Yes. You can trust the company with your papers. Their services are cheap, and their papers are comparatively well-written.

CustomWritings Rating

Custom Writings is a solid writing agency that rises above the competition. Granted, it is not the best company on the market, but it is clear that it does its best to become one. If it reduced its delivery time to at least 3 hours, improved the quality control procedures, and widened the spectrum of its services, it would become a major player in the market. However, until the company reaches those goals, its overall rating cannot be higher than 3.9. Review

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