Far be it from me to squarely criticize a service, but the so-called AdvancedWriters deserve it. The company should not be used by anyone. My paper was written by a non-native speaker of English who charged a whopping $195 for it. In addition to grammar mistakes, the piece was marred by outdated literature, which did not even support the writer’s hypothesis. Awful job! If I were you, I’d try this service:


It doesn’t matter whether you attend a traditional campus college or take online courses, you want a paper written by a bona fide professional. The magnetism of advance knowledge and skills is understood by everyone. Apparently, it cannot be ignored by a writing company whose whole identity revolves around the concept of “taking it to the next level” – AdvancedWriters. We conducted a thorough review of the company to understand what makes their writers advanced. Does it mean that they can instantly generate creative ideas and put them to paper? Does it mean that they can write a 6-page research paper without a single error? Let’s find out!

Advanced Writers Login and Prices

If you are anything like me, you are looking for a discount or a promo code each time you buy something. There’s nothing wrong about the desire to haggle for a lower price especially if the cost of the company’s services is going through the roof. After Googling for a brief minute, I was able to find a 4% discount on the first order. The company’s website claims that it offers a 5% lifetime discount to customers who buy $500 worth of services, which only seems too much if you forget how high their prices are. Other discounts are 10% off for a $1000 order and 15% off for a $2000 order.

Prices for Advanced Writers’ services vary a ton based on the following factors: deadline, academic level, and a number of pages. If you are looking for a high school paper written in two weeks, you’ll have to pay $13 per page. If, on the other hand, your academic needs are more pressing, prepare to cough up $28 per page. “Wait, that’s not too much,” you retort. No, it is not, if you pay for an urgent paper delivered in only three hours. In this case, we are talking about whooping EIGHT hours. It follows that so-called Advanced Writers make you pay through the nose and do not hurry to deliver you the requested product. How advanced is that?

“How about other prices,” you ask. Well, they are also unreasonably high. A college paper written in 8 hours would cost you $39 per page. A similar paper at the master’s level is even costlier – $48 per page. To sum up, AdvancedWriters charges eyebrow-raising prices for its services. Keep reading to find out how advanced are they.

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Advanced Writers Plagiarism and Quality of Services

Before ordering a paper from the company, I decided to read what other people have to say about the quality of its services. Turns out, many users of review platforms such as EssayScam and TrustPilot have substantive complaints about AdvancedWriters essays and their writers for hire. Some complainants lament plagiarism in their papers; others even go so far as to suggest that the company is operated by scammers who “belong to the law enforcement agencies.”

To find out how reasonable are those claims, I placed an order for a 6-page research paper with a 48-hour deadline. When ordering the paper, I had to choose a writer category: Best Available, Advanced, and ENL (English as a Native Language). Interestingly enough, the company hesitantly reveals the fact that the writers who categorized as Best Available and Advanced are not native English speakers. Once again, what is so advanced about it?

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My paper arrived as scheduled – in 48 hours. After checking it with a commercial anti-plagiarism software, I was pleased to find out that it was totally unique. “So far so good,” I thought as I started to read the paper. However, the first favorable impression of the paper quickly gave way to circumspection and, then, frustration as I dug deeper into it.

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The aim of the research paper was to explore the nexus between Indian consumption of renewable energy and the country’s economic growth. It was up to the writer to select the methodological framework for the research. They opted for a qualitative synthesis of the extant empirical literature on the topic. Sadly, the writer’s selection criteria were loose enough to include studies that have been published in the last 11 years. Not good. A research paper worthy of a high mark should focus on reviewing the most current literature, which is something “advanced writers” must know.

Another major critique of the paper is that it failed to support its hypothesis with evidence from the selected articles. The author claimed that there is a bidirectional relationship between the use of renewable energy sources and economic growth in India. Yet, the twelve peer-reviewed articles reviewed in the paper fail to indicate the causality. Furthermore, it would be a gross understatement to suggest that the choice of articles was questionable. Two articles were dedicated to the discussion of climate change and preservation of endangered species. They weren’t exactly pertinent to the discussion of the renewable energy-growth nexus.

As for the quality of writing itself, it was also poor. Commas were missing, modifiers were dangling, sentences were fragmented, you name it.

To conclude, the company jacked up its prices without raising the quality of its papers. As a result, they rank at 2/5.

Advanced Writers Customer Review of Support Quality

The company has a toll-free phone number, which is the industry standard these days. I used the number to assess the quality of the company’s Customer Support. My call was answered immediately, which means that the company scores highly in the quality metric that matters a lot to most customers. I asked the rep a couple of questions pertaining to the delivery of my paper and was provided concise yet exhaustive answers. Unfortunately, it seemed that the rep was in a rush. I felt as though the rep found our conversation laborious and wanted to end it. The experience wasn’t too comfortable.

Is AdvancedWriters Legit?

Judging from my experience with Advanced Writers, the company is legit. They do deliver papers, after all. Even though the quality of their papers leaves much to be desired, it is another matter entirely.

Really, Does Advanced Writers Work? Final Rating

AdvancedWriters do work, but you wouldn’t like the result. The company is coy about the fact that its writers are largely non-native speakers of English. It only divulges this information on the ordering page. There is little surprise, then, that the writers’ poor knowledge of English seeps into papers, thereby making them less readable.

In brief, if you want a quality paper, you should seek it elsewhere. Giving my less than thrilling experience with the company, its final rating is 3.2.

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Range of Services


Writing Quality


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  • No plagiarism
  • Quick response


  • Non-native writers
  • Poor paper quality
  • Unreasonably high prices.